First try at Curry

I’ve made curry out of jars; thats the only real way I know how if I’m honest.

So, I found what looked like a really simple recipe on Tescos website; GF, DF & Egg Free.


I am also allergic to Turmeric – so I had to miss it out, I added more mushrooms and onions and some cornflour to thicken the sauce. For some reason this recipe really did not work for me at all, but with the amendments it was alright! I think next time I will be trying a Jamie Oliver one 🙂


Food intolerance 2, Me 3


Perfect Pasta`

One of the foods I cried a little about when I found out I was GF was pasta. I love pasta; but, it has always left me bloated, stuffed and rather uncomfortable. My favourite dish was Arrabbiata with parmesan.

The first pasta I ever tried was buckwheat from Sainsburies, and it was lush. I was pleasantly surprised; it was like aldente pasta with a nice bite to it but no rawness. Just a lovely wholesome filling bite. Perfect for lunch with some pesto.

Next, I decided to give rice pasta a try. The spaghetti kind. I was told how vile and soggy it was so I have to say I was not looking forward to it in the slightest.

But again it was so good, and during cooking it had swollen in size and was lovely and thick, and clean if that makes any sense! It was utterly lush. I love how fresh it tasted even though it was dry from a packet. Absolutely delicious!


So, above I made a kinda slapdash ratatouille if you could call it that!

It has courgette, sweetcorn, onion and peppers mixed through with garlic & ginger and a tin of chopped tomatoes and half a jar of passata.

On top I have used violife mozzarella cheese (omg I am addicted to this stuff – it melts!) and some rock salt.

I also have a Schar ciabatta which I baked in the oven and spread with flora dairy free and some garlic. They remaining 3 from the packet are in the freezer.

This dish was perfection on a plate and my new favourite!

Even my partner agrees that the gluten free pasta is pretty good, so this is one thing we can eat together 🙂

Food intolerance 2, Me 2

Morrison’s haul!

Sooo we hit up Morrison’s to pick up some Vegan & Gluten free supplies!


  • Sachs Ciabatta rolls
  • Prewetts Jammy Wheels
  • Good Hemp (My fav!)
  • Pure Olive oil spread
  • Alpro Almond yoghurt
  • GF Baking Powder
  • GF Tamari by Kikkomann
  • GF DF Gravy
  • Violife cheese
  • Nakd banana bread for those mornings I feel so rough I can’t eat
  • Doves Farm Self Raising flour
  • Cauldron Tofu which somehow I forgot to put in the photo!

I love the choice here, the brands are really improving in the free from range, and have to admit it is starting to really rival Sainsbury’s.


Intolerance 2, Me 1



‘The Stables’ Lunch.

Today, we went to ‘The Stables’ just outside Kirkintilloch today for lunch on our way home from visiting The Cats Protection League with the Grampa.

I was feeling quite optimistic as so far I’ve managed to eat out having baked potato’s and curry dishes. However, my optimism was soon washed away.

First concern was the menu had no ‘V’ or ‘GF’ so I instead read through the double sided menu, mentally sifting out the negatives. With the help of my partner I settled on soup to start and a veggie type burger without the bun for main. So I asked if the soup (spiced carrot) was dairy free. The staff member asked the chef who replied

“can’t say yes as the box doesn’t have the allergens”

so I was advised it might not be a good idea, and instead selected the olives and veggie burger – where I was happily told they had GF bread. Yay! So positivity restored, food ordered and staff member lovely. But she retuned to tell me the veggie burger was out of stock so to pick something else . . . like the fish. Which was battered. or the risotto which was pre made with cheese. I assume this box carried some information this time. So, after searching the whole menu umpteen times I settled on chips and the spiced carrot soup – as the dressed side salad sounded pretty miserable as it would have to be naked for me.

Olives where lovely and surprisingly filling, but the main was pretty dire and rather embarrassing sitting next to my family who both had main meals. I try not to make a big thing out of having food intolerances but when your sat with that as you main course it’s rather hard not too. Also, after further investigation I can safely assume the bread was not egg or dairy free.

So, regrettably I must say I will not be returning to this restaurant anytime in the near future, as there did not appear to be a basic understanding of food intolerances at all through the staff we spoke too.

Intolerance; 2, Me; 0.


The morning after

I planned our New Year day meal way in advance. I picked up my gluten free Pastry, my quorn mince (gluten free & vegan) and the veg etc so all I had to was throw it all together.

This is the pastry I used – it was actually really nice to work with. However I couldn’t find my rolling pin so I used my hands to flatten it. I wouldn’t recommend this method though as I think I damaged the pastry as it was far to thick and never rose. But, none the less still delicious!!

img_5932   img_5935

So far, in my gluten free journey I have really not been impressed with genius, as the bread always seems to fall apart! But this was alright.

After, I must admit I wasn’t feeling too good. I put it down to just simple over eating and we took the dogs out, then ran a hot bath as my muscles where really achey; so I blamed the cold on the walk.

But, after the bath I was feeling a bit dizzy and bleurgh. So I decided to make a cup of tea, and while I waited on it boiling I picked up the pastry packet and had a wee read.


Do you see it, in bold?! EGG!!

Honestly, never been so annoyed with myself. I know how it happened though; I bought this pastry when I only knew about the gluten and in all honesty sometimes I get so excited that something is gluten free I forget to check for egg! And when it says milk free, I assumed that that included egg. But, lesson learned it doesn’t.

So today, I am having a very exciting breakfast of apple & pineapple to try and settle my still angry stomach.

Intolerance 1; Me 0.