The morning after

I planned our New Year day meal way in advance. I picked up my gluten free Pastry, my quorn mince (gluten free & vegan) and the veg etc so all I had to was throw it all together.

This is the pastry I used – it was actually really nice to work with. However I couldn’t find my rolling pin so I used my hands to flatten it. I wouldn’t recommend this method though as I think I damaged the pastry as it was far to thick and never rose. But, none the less still delicious!!

img_5932   img_5935

So far, in my gluten free journey I have really not been impressed with genius, as the bread always seems to fall apart! But this was alright.

After, I must admit I wasn’t feeling too good. I put it down to just simple over eating and we took the dogs out, then ran a hot bath as my muscles where really achey; so I blamed the cold on the walk.

But, after the bath I was feeling a bit dizzy and bleurgh. So I decided to make a cup of tea, and while I waited on it boiling I picked up the pastry packet and had a wee read.


Do you see it, in bold?! EGG!!

Honestly, never been so annoyed with myself. I know how it happened though; I bought this pastry when I only knew about the gluten and in all honesty sometimes I get so excited that something is gluten free I forget to check for egg! And when it says milk free, I assumed that that included egg. But, lesson learned it doesn’t.

So today, I am having a very exciting breakfast of apple & pineapple to try and settle my still angry stomach.

Intolerance 1; Me 0.



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