Morrison’s haul!

Sooo we hit up Morrison’s to pick up some Vegan & Gluten free supplies!


  • Sachs Ciabatta rolls
  • Prewetts Jammy Wheels
  • Good Hemp (My fav!)
  • Pure Olive oil spread
  • Alpro Almond yoghurt
  • GF Baking Powder
  • GF Tamari by Kikkomann
  • GF DF Gravy
  • Violife cheese
  • Nakd banana bread for those mornings I feel so rough I can’t eat
  • Doves Farm Self Raising flour
  • Cauldron Tofu which somehow I forgot to put in the photo!

I love the choice here, the brands are really improving in the free from range, and have to admit it is starting to really rival Sainsbury’s.


Intolerance 2, Me 1




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