Perfect Pasta`

One of the foods I cried a little about when I found out I was GF was pasta. I love pasta; but, it has always left me bloated, stuffed and rather uncomfortable. My favourite dish was Arrabbiata with parmesan.

The first pasta I ever tried was buckwheat from Sainsburies, and it was lush. I was pleasantly surprised; it was like aldente pasta with a nice bite to it but no rawness. Just a lovely wholesome filling bite. Perfect for lunch with some pesto.

Next, I decided to give rice pasta a try. The spaghetti kind. I was told how vile and soggy it was so I have to say I was not looking forward to it in the slightest.

But again it was so good, and during cooking it had swollen in size and was lovely and thick, and clean if that makes any sense! It was utterly lush. I love how fresh it tasted even though it was dry from a packet. Absolutely delicious!


So, above I made a kinda slapdash ratatouille if you could call it that!

It has courgette, sweetcorn, onion and peppers mixed through with garlic & ginger and a tin of chopped tomatoes and half a jar of passata.

On top I have used violife mozzarella cheese (omg I am addicted to this stuff – it melts!) and some rock salt.

I also have a Schar ciabatta which I baked in the oven and spread with flora dairy free and some garlic. They remaining 3 from the packet are in the freezer.

This dish was perfection on a plate and my new favourite!

Even my partner agrees that the gluten free pasta is pretty good, so this is one thing we can eat together 🙂

Food intolerance 2, Me 2


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