By December I had successfully completed my food diary, and it became clear Gluten was the culprit. After 2 weeks of getting rid of gluten the symptoms returned, but disappeared once dairy and eggs where removed.

I have had a blood test for Celiac / Coeliacs which came back negative. However, I have chosen not to go for a biopsy / scope etc as the effect of eating either is so not worth any test result. I am adjusting my diet accordingly which is very much eye opening, why on earth is there milk & wheat in shop bought hummus?! It’s crazy. So, I am starting to cook from scratch again; and I love to cook but I am literally learning from scratch when it comes to bread and pastries.

I gained 4 stone in the past year. Thats right, 4 stone thanks to these little badboys, despite following weight watchers, then slimming world. But all those free foods tend to be packed with sugar to replace the fat; and are bulked out with wheat and encourage a higher dairy intake. So my poor wee system was struggling to make use of said diet, and decided to fat store instead, and with the intolerance kicking my system I was just so exhausted I couldn’t find the energy to exercise. I only became aware of the pain when I came of painkillers for joint pain as they weren’t working . . . and that is when all the other symptoms became apparent.

In November I celebrated being 10 years vegetarian for the sake of the animals and the belief I have no right to eat them. After joining a friend at Vegfest I cut out dairy milk, and following the food diary have continued to cut out all other animal products left. So I decided why the hell not just go Vegan! I won’t lie; it’s a process and I trip up a lot as I am still learning and get excited over something being gluten free; but then later when I’m unwell I reread the packet and it clicks there was milk powder or egg white or something stupid I missed in my excitement.

I hope you can find this blog a safe place, full of imperfections, learning curves and probably as many food fails as there will be successes.


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